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Escape of The Red Mage

Operation Myrmidon, more commonly known as the 'Escape of The Red Mage' was a joint operation of the Venatores, the Aderian Royal Army and the Justiciar Order under orders by the Inquisition and the Kadian Dominion to capture Tobby the Taldirian, also known as 'The Red Mage'. It is considered one of the greatest catastrophes of the Great Kadian Split, leading to the death of nearly everyone involved.

The Conflict


After the Taldirian Job, the SFLK ordered the Justiciar Order and the Inquisition to capture the sorcerer Tobby the Taldirian and bring him to Navara so he could be publicly hanged for the robbery of the crown's gold.   Being already branded as a maleficar, the Inquisition was already hunting Tobby and but only had very limited information regarding his capabilities or whereabouts. The three organizations began working together on what was at the time the biggest joint operation of the nation. However Gathering reliable information on a teleporting mage proved to be harder than anticipated, as it rarely remained in the same place for more than a full day.   in the meantime, the Sovereign of Ader, Isolda Artzmit was fed misguided information by the involved parties, as each of them wish to hide their unsuccessful attempts. Agents were sent into the eastern frontier and existing assets where used, often giving conflicted information or even outing agents of the other parties.   This unsuccessful intelligence gathering was countered by Tobby's vast network of spies and sympathizers, and he began feeding the three with is own information, effectively playing them against another. After nearly 3 years of work Tobby was finally located in a suitable time location, the Red Mage is to stop in a large trade stop a few days south from Bradford. The area had heavy traffic, and agents could easily blend into the crowd and grab him.


On the morning of the 15th of Midsum, 1270, almost 100 agents arrived at the trade post masquerading as traders, merchants, adventurers and peasants. Tobby arrived a few hours before high noon, just as planned but the moment he was grabbed it turned that the was not a single citizen in the trade stop and that everyone present was either an agent of the SLFK or a rebel.


The market was carefully arranged for over a year to create choke points and blockages, all hidden in plain sight. The wide central plaza quickly turned out to be a kill zone, as archers could stand on top of reinforced stalls and drop makeshift barriers on the few exits.

The Engagement

Rebels starts swarming on the SLFK agents, who proved to be lacking in coordination due to conflicting call signs or gestures. Some agents attacked each other in the confusion while others fell victim to people they believed to be their own intelligence assets only to turn out as Tobby's spies.   Fearing they could lose the mage for good, several agents tried to corner him and kill him, but only managed to injure him before he teleported away assisted by several other rebels. Following his retreat the rebels spilled barrels of oil and set fire to the entire perimeter. Out of the 100 agents sent to the trade post only 13 are reported to made it out, and out of those only 2 have reported back to Eastwatch Garrison. The rest are assumed dead and their bodies, like many others in the Taldirian War for Independence, remain missing.


Following the failed ambush the entire area of the eastern frontier rose in rebellion in resistance to the intervention of the SLFK and the Inquisition in their affairs. This event is also attributed greatly to the rise in popularity with denizens of the area identifying as Taldirians. By both sides this is considered to be the opening of the 1270's Taldirian War for Independence.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572
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25 Venatores Perdita
5 Venatores Maleficarum
Justiciar Order:
15 Justiciars
~30 Informats
Aderian Royal Army:
2 Aderian Royal Army Squads
Col'ben Cin'tnias:
~200 combatants (disguised)
Rebel Militia:
~500 peasants


25 Venatores Perdita
5 Venatores Maleficarum
Justiciar Order:
13 Justiciars
29 Informats
Aderian Royal Army:
2 Aderian Royal Army Squads
1 adittional squad sent to rescue the two survivng justiciars
Col'ben Cin'tnias:
~10 combatants
Rebel Militia:
~15 peasants


Capturing Tobby the Taldirian and bringing him to justice in Navara for his role in the robbery of 5 treasure wagons.
Stopping the Kadian Dominion intervention in Taldirian lands.


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