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Tobby the Taldirian

Tobby Dilnari (Presumed) (a.k.a. The Red Mage)

Tobby the Taldirian, also known as 'Tobby of Taldirin', 'Tobby the Terrible', 'The Red Mage' was a famous sorcerer and maleficar. He is mostly known for his involvment in the Uprise of Taldir and for being one of the most talented evocers and conjurers of his time,

Mental characteristics

Personal history


Tobby was born in 1193, in the city of Karhil. He was the only son to a mining family. After his mother died from Iron Corruption in 1199, his father moved them to Taldirin to try and strike anew.   His father was killed only one winter after they settled, when the tunnel he was digging collapsed. Later that same winter Tobby's hut was destroyed after catching fire. According to Toblen Stonehill a local innkeeper who rescue the child, merely 9 years old by then, the fire started due to negligence of the fireplace but researchers argue that this was his first manifestation of magic.   Now orphaned, he worked for Toblen and helped him to run the local Stonehill Inn. Tobby was fascinated by travelers and stories and he would often wind up in conversations with the many adventurers coming to the frontier town from the Empire of Ader and the Amadel Mountains.   In his diaries, Tobby mentions figures such as Emrys Thelnarthor, The Last Warforged, and even The Ponderer and Kairoz the Andorian. It is however highly unlikely that Tobby knew how to write during his younger years, as evident by his writing and relatively simplified spelling and grammar. This leads most experts to assume that those encounters where either memories that were written years later, for pure fiction of his brilliant, yet deranged mind.  

Leaving Taldirin

Tobby left Taldirin in 1209, following the news about the Ponderer's Escape and the The 3rd Inquisition in full swing, he left taldirin for Karhil with an Ostian adventuring party that came from the Amadel Mountains. He began working in a coal warehouse, hiding his magical potential from everyone around him.   Sometime after arriving at Karhill his magical talent sparked out of control and he set a warehouse on fire he was hunted by the The Inquisition's Venatores, but disappeared into thin air. A magical analysis of his disappearance scene revealed strong traces of conjuration, several times stronger than expected. He was declared maleficarum and was wanted throughout the Kadian Dominion.  

Time Abroad

Tobby was sighted through the years in Osternfel, where he was part of several mercenary crews. he was eventually recruited into the Pacificatores after deserting from his company in Verrona in 1216 and has not being identified until an incident in the Vintian Imperium in 1241, when he was arrested for operating unsanctioned within the Imperial Lands.  

Back In Navara

Tobby was witnessed again in Taldirin in 1256, in the company of several elves suspected of being members of the Col'bhen Cint'nias, an elven extremist group operating in the Navaran eastern frontier. He was sighted several times in the area, often identified by his unique red robes.   He began lecturing against the Kadian Dominion and the Inquisition in particular, but always managed to disappear before the inquisition's forces arrived at the scene, sometimes into thin air. In one of those preaching he had a close call when he was shot with a crossbow by an agent hiding in the crowd. Despite the injury he manage to apprehend and kill 5 out of the 6 venatores that tried to capture him, leaving the last one maimed and disfigured.  

Starting The Resistance

By 1265, at the age of 72, Tobby was already considered a dangerous foe by both the SFLK and the Andorian Church. He started pushing for the independence of the eastern frontier around Taldirin, making it a home for all races to live as equals, with their own cultures and tradition preserved. He also promised the durinians and elven races of the area more control and protection to their ancestral areas, gaining their favor.   The humanoid population also garner him some favor, as he preached against the people of the frontier being forced to pay taxes to pay for the ongoing war between the SFLK and the Duchy of Krath. He continued to show his prowess in battle even into late 70's when he coordinated and participated in a massive attack against the Andorian Alliance.  

The War for Taldirian Independence

In 1270 he was captured by the SFLK but managed to escape, his unsuccessful capture sparked the anger of many frontier denizens, who rose up in arms to demand the crown stop meddle in their affairs, and leave their lands. The rebellion quickly escalated into a full scale war.   While still alive, Tobby was severely injured and was taken to Taldirin, where he would hide until 1276 while managing the war. He was not seen again on the battlefield and on the rare occations he appeared in public he did so for short times and without any prior announcements. His tactics became even more brutal, attacking any trader or denizen of the SFLK or the Andorian Alliance, often leaving no survivors. His capability to predict military actions in the area became so notorious that the soldiers in the Aderian Royal Army began reffering to assainments in the frontier area as 'graveyard tours'.  

Capture and Death

In 1321, Tobby was indetified alongside another apostate and possible maleficar from Taldirin named Fibblestib Gladdenstone. The two and their entourage, consisting mostly from members of the Col'bhen Cint'nias where ambushed by the The Justiciar Order near Torres , as they tried to secure passage to Krath. This time they killed everyone on the spot and proceed to immediatly hang and blind the survivors.   The inquisition cleric that inspected him reported an old, yet vigorous man. Despite being over 120 years old at the time, Tobby lookd simmilar to a human in his 50's. It is suspected that he had elven blood, but he possesed no elven features. Tobby never described his herritage in his diaries or preaches, except brief mentions of his parents. He always refered to himself as being a proud Taldirian, and pushed others to do so as well. He left no known offspring or partners.   His death sparked even durther resistance, and the war was settled with the Treaty of Taldirin only 2 years later.


Tobby recived no formal basic education and no magical training, despite his Conclave of Magi tuition allegedly paid for by by The Ponderer to his guardian, Toblen Stonehill at the time. This is also the suspected reason Tobby claims he murdered Toblen when he returned to Taldirin. Despite the murder being described in gruesome detail in his diary, Toblen was known to die a natural death in his bed and was probably never killed by Tobby.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Tobby was a very talented sorcerer who mastered the arts of evocation and conjuration. His control of fire in his later years was nearly unmatched. According to several witnesses he could manipulate flames to such degree it was to be considered a familiar. In addition, he was clearly versed in various teleporting techniques. Those combined skills made him a terrible foe on the battlefield, and it is presumed that even in his later days he would still come out as the winner in a face to face combat.

Mental Trauma

Researchers who analyzed Tobby's writings and diaries theorize that he suffered from heavy depression. He also often describe not being able to trust others or about ungratefulness of his peers, especially of those in his younger years. It is also theorized that he suffered from various psychological traumas at a very you age, contributing greatly to his already unstable mind.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572
Current Location
1193 AC 1321 AC 128 years old
Parents (Adopting)
Current Residence
Big green eyes
Bright orange
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white


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