Treaty of Taldirin

The Treaty of Taldirin is a peace agreement between the Archduchy of Taldir and the Andorian Alliance ending the 1270's Taldirian War for Independence. The treaty secures the future of the new nation and puts several restriction on all sides involved in the conflict.

Document Structure


The document list several decrees and restrictions on all sided who took part in the conflict, including the citizens of Gnomengarde and the Lodirans themselves. The main core of the agreement is as follow:  

Land Disputes:

  1. The Archduchy of Taldir is to be an independant nation and its borders shall be the area formerly known as the Eastern Frontier, who shall now be known as the Taldirian Sovereign Lands. All distances and mesurements will be decided by the cartographers of Dam Lodir and non-negotiable.
  2. The Kingdom of Navara shall retain control of the settled area in the vicinity of its capital city but not expand them farther.
  3. The Navaran Woods shall remain as the ancsatral lands of the wood elves who descended from Clan Telestar. A base skull-tax shall be paid annually by the Kingdom of Dam Lodir to the Archduchy of Taldir in return for protection of the clan and for their use of the land.

Political Disputes:

  1. , free from the influence of the SFLK or any other satellite state under their control.
  2. The Archduchy of Taldir shall be a member of the Andorian Alliance, and embrace its laws.
  3. The Inquisition may not operate inside the Archducy of Taldir and the enforcement of the law will fall solely on the Archduchy's peacekeeping forces.
  4. Taldir may not crown a king until the nation is at least 300 years old.
  5. Taldir may not push claims in Lake Kadia.
  6. Gnomengarde has broken their neutrality and thus can no longer be protected by the Treaty of Four. The settlement will be incorporated into the new archduchy and its citizens will be considered equal in status and taxation.
  7. There shall be no further hostilities between the SLFK and the Archduchy of Taldir.


  1. The Archduchy of Taldir shall have exclusive trade rights with the Kingdom of Dam Lodir. This arrangement shall be reviewed again in 500 years by the Kingdom of Dam Lodir.
  2. As compensation for the loss of trade the Archduchy shall ensure the protection and maintenance of a trade route from the outskirts of Navara to Debye Pass and allow free and safe passage to any civilian movement on the road to citizens of the SLFK.
  3. The Archduchy of Taldir shall not hold a military navy in Lake Kadia.
  4. The Archduchy of Taldir shall pay the Kingdom of Ader a sum of 100 Pi over a period of 150 years for loss of life and equipment.
  5. The Archduchy of Taldir shall pay the Kingdom of Navara a sum of 250 Pi over a period of 150 years for loss of life and equipment.

Legal status

Like other dwarven treaties, the Treaty of Taldirin is considered a diplomatic agreement of the highest order and breaching any part of it is considered as a rightful cause for total war by dwarven traditions.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572
Treaty, Diplomatic
Authoring Date


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