Numidius The Red Mage Escapes

The Red Mage Escapes

Military action


Following a long hunt involving forces of the Inquisition, the Aderian Royal Army Battalion and the dozens of agents of Justiciar Order, Tobby the Taldirian, also known as 'The Red Mage' is captured near Bradford. The captured maleficarum was to be taken to Navara for a public execution, but the force escorting him, nearly 100 men strong, is slain almost to the last before even leaving the frontier. The few survivors reported that wherever they went they were chased by peasant militias and terrorist groups and that even random animals began charging at them from the woods. The whereabouts of Tobby the Taldirian himself where lost during one of the ruthless assaults.   The failed arrest attempt sparks rebellions throughout the eastern frontier, unifying its denizens into a single cause for independence and freedom from the Inquisition's tyranny.

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