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Fibblestib Gladdenstone

Fibblestib Gladdenstone

Fibblestib Gladdenstone was a gnome artificer from Gnomengarde, he was employed as Taldirin's quartermaster during the town's founding and later owned and operated Fibblebits and Screws, a one-stop shop for adventurers and traveling merchants until leaving the the town in 1276.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Fibblestib was born on Gnomengarde and was quickly found to be a great tinkerer and gizmoer. When he came of age, Fibblestib ventured into the lands of the dwarves and humans, gathering lasting friendships and useful allies. After almost a century he returned to Gnomengarde and served as an inventor under Dabbledob, and later as colleague as Chief Inventors.   When King Korboz Shortcog went mad¬† and Dabbledob took the throne instead he decided to venture out once again. This time Fibblestib decided to stay much closer to his family and friends, and opened a shop in the nearby settlement, Taldirin.   Fibblestib left Taldirin in 1276 after the Townmaster claim he practiced unlicensed magic in his creations. Before he left, he passed down his shop to a local orphan, his whereabouts remained unknown until he was caught on his way to Krath by forces on the inquisition in 1321. He was hanged promptly alongside the infamous sorcerer Tobby the Taldirian. His death is considered as the catalyst for Gnomengarde and the Kingdom of Dam Lodir joining the 1270's Taldirian War for Independence.


Fibblestib was among the erliest to dub themselves as an artificer, he was well educated in most matters revolving around the creation of magical items. He was also qualified as a quartermaster, first in Gnomergarde and later in Taldirin.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572
Current Location
975 AC 1321 AC 346 years old
Circumstances of Death
Was hanged by the neck by the The Inquisition on charges of witchcraft.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale Brown
Known Languages
Common(Aderic), Gnim, Dwarvish and Elven.


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