Dabbledob Wobbletwist

Queen Dabbledob Wobbletwist

Dabbledob Wobbletwist was the kai of Gnomengarde and it's former Chief Inventor.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Dabbledob was born in Gnomengarde, and was related to be the daughter to a two wizards who passed some 50 years before she emerged from her Ovalapi. Although not showing an ounce of talent in spell casting, young Dabbledob was extremely talented when it came to gizmos and tinkering. She followed that path and in 1002 AC, at the age of 101 years old, she was appointed as the Chief Inventor of Gnomengarde, the youngest one to ever assume the roll in the settlement.   She took Gnomengarde's throne after one of the two former kais, Korboz Shortcog went mad and fled, leaving his husband King Gnerkli Shortcog grieving and unfit to rule.   During the 1270's Taldirian War for Independence one of the settlement citizens and close friend of Dabbledob, Fibblestib Gladdenstone, was hanged by the Inquisition. Dabbledob considered the act as a breach of the Treaty of Four and the settlement, under her orders, began to supply the Taldirian rebels and harbor their forces for the remainder of the war.   Dabbledob died in 1323, during an assault by the Inquisition as retaliation for the help the settlement gave the rebels. She protected the dwelling and was killed by Venatores even before the explosion.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572
901 AC 1322 AC 421 years old


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