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Aderian Royal Army

The Aderian Royal Army, often abbreviated as ARA, is ground service branch of Aderian Military. Prior to the War of the Cleric in 1205, it was also the name of the Second Empire of Ader's military; however, following the empire's end, the Aderian royal army was dissolved and reestablished in its current form.


Auxiliary units in the ARA
While the ARA is generally speaking an organic army whose forces are self trained and disciplined, some of its members are trained by another party prior to their regular service. The following is a list of auxiliary units and personnel within the ARA:   Auxiliary Platoons in veteran companies, also called Eighth Platoons, are comprised of veterans of the Navaran Magisterial Corps, Ostian military, or the Saltisian Armed Forces.
Magocissors, also known as Spellbreakers, are specialized soldiers that undergo wizardry studies in Kors Island. Though usually they serve in a Silent Company, magocissors are often assigned to other units when said units are in need of their specialist skills.


Common ARA abbreviations
The following is a list of the most common abbreviations used by the ARA.
It does not include abbreviations that:
  • Refer to classified information
  • Are only used by specific units
  • Comprised of or otherwise include profanities
PACaL - Proper Administration, Conduct, and Lawfulness; A document issued by the unit's highest ranking NCO that defines the daily routine within the camp. Informally, it is also used to describe something as either necessary or as routine, even when discussing non-military topic.
CaD - Correctional and Disciplinary; Referring to punishment for a misdemeanor that does not warrant a court martial.
CaDER - Correctional and Disciplinary Exercise Routine; Most common punishment for recruits, which consists of infeasible, often pointless, physical exercises, such as catching the tail of a galloping horse; a single soldier being given no more than a few minutes to pitch a 10-men tent; keeping one's axe haft constantly clean; relocating an entire encampment a few meters away. Also commonly used as a verb e.g. The drill commander is cadering the recruits
Galtzhach - Garment, Loops, Tips, Zircon, Hat, Chin, Cheeks; An scronym used to memorise formal appearance for ARA soldiers. This includes special garments (specifically, an overshirt and a cloak); polishing the loops in one's uniform and the tips of one's weapon and armor; a brooch with zircon gem in it, whose hue indicates one's rank (red - soldier, blue - commander, green - senior officer) , and additional noteworthy achievements indicated by it's tone; a headpiece, usually a capisa, or a helmet if in an area of conflict; shaving one's face.

Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572
Military, Armed Forces
Alternative Names
Exercitus de Sancta Foedus
(Army of the Holy Pact)
Leader Title
Parent Organization
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