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Veteran Company

An Aderian Veteran Company is a fighting force comprised of veteran warriors that served in other fighting companies. They are usually not deployed in simple skirmishes as their experience is too valuable to be lost in a simple melee; instead, they are used for more subtle actions, such as flanking a force, laying in ambush, or small raids. Due to them already serving as regular soldiers, soldiers in the veteran company are exempt from patrol and sentinel duty.



A veteran company is comprised of four platoons:
  1. The Grave Platoon, also known as the Fifth, is comprised of the battalion's most ruthless infantrymen; mostly serving as a reserve force, the fifth is deployed when the battle calls for aggression, either to end it swiftly or to turn its tide.
  2. The Deep Platoon, also known as the Sixth, is dedicated for reconissence.
  3. The Wide Platoon, also known as the Seventh, is tasked with strategic operations such as: ambushes; flanking; trapping; feints; and general manuevers.
  4. The Auxillary Platoon, also known as the Eighth, is manned by foreign veterans, primarily those who served in the Navaran Magisterial Corps or in the Ostian military.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
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