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Assisting Company

An Aderian Assisting Company is a fighting force dedicated to long-range support in the form of archers and ballistae. Additionally, they receive further training in siege warfare and construction of simple siege engines. Due to their specialty, soldiers in an assisting company are exempt from any and all duties; thus, they are garrisoned either in their battalion's headquarters or in another company's camp.



An assisting company is comprised of four platoons:
  1. The Arrow Platoon is the largest platoon, and is manned by archers and bowmen.
  2. The Bolt Platoon is manned by heavy arbalisters and four ballisa crews.
  3. The Wall Platoon is dedicated for the destruction and construction of barricades, either permanent or temporary. The platoon consists of tunnelers, carpenters, and masons.
  4. The Siege Platoon, also known as Technical, is manned by siege engineers, bowyers, and crossboweyrs.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572
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