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Aderian Agmine

An Aderian Agmine is an armored carriage used by the Aderian Royal Army for transportation of troops; pulled and carried by 6 skows (a crossbreed between a sabodtonner and cattle), an agmine can carry anywhere between an ARA Squad and an ARA Platoon, with varying convinience. Individual carriages can be linked together to form a larger carriage if traveling via a paved road; this carriage is carried by 10 skows, thus allowing a unit to keep one pair of skows as backup. Though not intentional, this practice also leads to greater comfort for the passengers.


An agmine is carried by 6 skows (10 if linked), of whom 4 (8) are inside of it and a front pair is outside. The direction of movement is dictated by the front pair of wheels, which are connected to the yoke of the front pair of skows; this can be overridden by breaking an inner plank, allowing the agmine to be controlled via an internal front rudder.

Armor and defense

In essence, an agmine is a wooden box with steel plates on its lateral, front and top faces. In hostile territory, the skows in the front are armored and equipped with specialized bardings, utilizing a design similar to that used by the Osviri Thunders.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572
Owning Organization
3.2 m
6 m (cart, rigid);
9.1 m (including skows and yoke)
2.8 m (cart);
4 m (total)
4.5 tons
Complement / Crew
2 drivers
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
12 seats; up to 48.


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