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The Justiciar Order

The Justiciar Order is a knightly order, and a sub-division of the Order of the White Rose tasked with handling the homeland security of the Kingdom of Ader. It is an elite organization that operates directly under the Sovereign of Ader in their control territories, but also outside of its border on special missions and delegations.


The Justiciar Order has no official structure. Agent usually work alone or in very small teams. Each justiciar operate in a unique way and report directly to the Sovereign of Ader. Some Justiciars work with members of the Candelabrum or other Bauxigts under the Sovereign request. The Order has no ranks, and its agents are picked according to specific needs and occasions.

Public Agenda

The Justiciar Order operates under the authority of Sovereign of Ader and is tasked with keeping the realm's peace, exposing and dealing with cases of corruption and abuse of office and the protection and sovereignty of the Aderian crown. It's members are among the most talented and capable found around Lake Kadia, sometimes from beyond, and come from very diversed backgrounds.


The order was founded after the war of lords  to ensure the crown laws are followed in occupied territories. Infrastructures in these territories degraded badly since the Days of Reckoning that securing quick and safe passage to the capital was near impossible to achieve.   The Emperor of Ader, Sandor Amarell, feared that the conquered nobility would rise against him so he gathered eight knights from the Order of the White Rose who were of good character and well versed in the crown rules. He ordered each knight to settle in a different noble's land, under a different alias. They would each monitor the population, look for signs of uprising or betrayal and if the need arise act as enforcers, judges and even executioners in the name of the Crown. Finally, they will report their progress straight to him.   The knight settled in their designated locations and mingled with the community, in many cases becoming active and contributing members of those societies. They would often settle local disputes, correct injustices and help protect their settlement from both inside and outside threats. In time, the order expanded his ranks and became the emperor's ears, eyes and even hands across the Empire of Ader and in some cases even outside its borders.   After the Usurpation of Navara the order struggled to keep it's former activities and operations going, especially in the Kaviri Highlands and in the Free Cities. In 1236 the ongoing Great Kadian Split forced many of the order's Justiciars to return to the Aderian Bank, either due to being ordered to, or by being chased out of their assainment areas by rebel forces.   While in the past the order was viewed in a positive light, it has become somewhat of a symbol for Aderian meddling and interference with other cultures of Lake Kadia. Furthermore, due to the members familiarity of the warring territories they where often ordered to lead raids into settlement they formerly sworn to protect. This led to further alienation by the peasantry, who used to adore the agents prior to the war.   When the Kingdom of Saltis withdrew from the Second Empire of Ader, the area where Justiciars could move freely shrank even farther, and almost all its operations beyond the Uraki Foothills and Osvir Planes where abandoned. After the duchy of Krath declared its independence in 1240 the order lost access to key assets in Krath, losing most of its naval capabilities and connections.   As late of the 16th century the order still operates in the same manner it used to, but with much greater limitations. The justiciars themselves are also at increased risk if they are revealed, especially in nations that used to be part of the former Empire of Ader.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572

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Example of a justicier sword, each member recieves a unique design.

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