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A Justiciar is an agents operating directly under the Sovereign of Ader, enforcing their crown laws and serving as eyes and ears where diplomacy or military is either ineffective or impossible. All justiciars are members in the Justiciar Order, which itself is a sub-organization of the Order of the White Rose.


There are no official qualifications for initial recruitment, new justiciars are picked by existing ones while they are on duty, often when they are near their retirement. Recruits must be combat able, but military training is not a necessity, and will usually be given by the recruiting member, leading to unique fighting styles and tactics among members.


Despite the offical claim that a Justiciar can come from any background or origin, in reality only select few finish their training, with most of them human or half elven. Those that pass the grulling trials and training are considered to be among the most bright and intelligent people of the Kingdom of Ader.   In adition to combat training, Justiciars also undergo intensive studies of the Aderian crown laws and learn advance combat and counter siege tactics. Beside law and combat, Justiciars also trained in negotiations and both friendly and hostile diplomacy.


At the end of their training period, that can vary from several months and up to a couple of years, depending on their assainment, they swear fealty to the Sovereign of Ader and execute his commands for a time period of 20 years, or their life, whichever ends sooner.


Justiciars serve in the sovereign's communities, often under fake aliases. They are in charge of keeping the crown law enforced and act in the name of the crown should the need arise. A justiciar's community is more then just an assignment station. They will lives their life there for decades, often even after retirement, befriending the people and act to improve their livelihood and safety. In the case of abuse of office by nobles, a justiciar may intervene and act as the voice and will of the sovereign.


Justiciars work alone or in very small groups, and will very rarely intervene with matters not directly involving or posing danger to their assainment, community, or the Aderian Crown.   Justiciars' responsibilities vary from location to location. Some take the roles of traders or even innkeepers within their communities, while others will serve as the local lord's steward. Outside of their roll they provide the sovereign with vital intelligence on their subjects, helping to keep them in check.


In Aderian lands, Justiciars are considered the stuff of legends. The nature of their work and their secrecy are an intriguing subject, inspiring many rumors, tales, songs and other works of fiction. While on duty, the justiciars have an almost imidiate access to whatever means they need, be it coin or favors.   When retiring, justiciars can often choose to remain in their community, or move to Ammand. Wherever a former justiciar chooses to retire, they recieve a generous pension, often equivilent to incomes of minor nobles.

Accoutrements & Equipment

Every justiciar who finish their training receives from the a golden-hilt sword embedded with four rubies on its wrist guard. The swords are crafted by the Sovereign's personal weaponsmith and is engraved with a unique sentance, befitting his origins and character. The rubies can be pried out of the hilt to be used as barter in case of emergency, but justiciars will often carry enough coin to avoid this outcome.   Justiciars also receive a special ceremonial armor, although they are not permitted to wear or carry it outside of Ammand Keep.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

While the role of Justiciar is defined for a lifetime, it is not a necessity or part of their oath. Once a justiciar has served for more then 20 years, or if their mission came to an end, they may retire or chose to continue their service further.   In the case of a rogue justiciar, the order will rarely contacts outside groups and organizations, such as the Pacificatores Training, and deals with the case internally, sending others of his kind to bring him to justice.


The first eight Justiciars were recruited by Emperor Sandor Amarell himself from the ranks of the Order of the White Rose. Sandor feared that the conquered nobility would rise against him and ordered each knight to settle in a different noble's land, under a different alias.   The knights settled in their stations and mingled with the community, in many cases becoming leading members of those societies. They would often settle local disputes, correct injustices and help protect their settlement from threats, both foreign and domestic.   From its early years and up until the 13th century the justiciars were well respected across Lake Kadia, as most viewed them as the safeguard from the tyranny of noble lords over their lands.   While still adorn in the Kingdom of Ader, the Justiciars have become less tolerated in other nations, even in the nearby Kingdom of Navara. This is mostly due to the justiciar involvement in the The Great Kadian Split, where they were used against the communities they swore to protect.

Cultural Significance

The Justiciars proved a major shaping force in the re-emerging Second Empire of Ader. Infrastructure furing the empire's inception was in a state of ruin and abandonment following the Days of Reckoning and Justiciars could provide justice swiftly and remotely, making them not only eyes and ears of the Emperor, but also his hands.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
Civic, Diplomatic
Source of Authority
Length of Term
Lifetime, or until retirement
Past Holders
Reports directly to
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