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Ammand Keep

Ammand Keep, most commonly referred to as the "White Keep" due to it's unique white exterior, is a heavily fortified keep located inside the city of Ammand. The keep houses the Order of the White Rose, the city's supreme court and it's jail and the head office of The Justiciar Order.   The keep's was constructed under Agustin Andor orders who wished to build an impenetrable fort on a hill overlooking Lake Kadia. The keep has changed many hands through the years but has never once been taken by force.

Purpose / Function

The keep main purpose was to watch over Lake Kadia and the marshes east of Ammand, who was nothing but a small town back then. During the The Days of Reckoning   the keep was used a stronghold for the Order of the White Rose. The keep was home to Ammand military command sine Sandor Amarell took control of the city in beginning of the 4th Era


The keep was built from dense white stone, similar to marble in properties. It has four wings, each with a watch tower for a roof.


The keep was build in the First Era   and served as a stronghold for Agustin Andor and his band. The building of the keep is one of the major reasons Ammand formed, as many skilled craftsmen where needed.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
Alternative Names
The White Keep
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