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Order of the White Rose

The Order of the White Rose is a knightly order from Ammand, serving as the city's peacekeepers and protector of the Sovereign of Ader. It was established during the The Days of Reckoning and was originally subservient to the Emperor of Ader. While the order is considered a part of the Aderian Military, it was not sworn in and serves as consequence of its service to the Sovereign of Ader.


Unlike the Order of the Vermilion Orchid or the Inquisition's Venatores, Knights of the White Rose are not members of the Andorian Church, and their vows are to the city of Ammand and it's denizens.   While most of the members are considered patriotic in mind, and the majority of the order being former Aderian Military members, they view the serving of the current noble ruler as a key pillar of the area's stability, which is the organization core consern.

Public Agenda

The order's main agenda is the presevation of orderly society in the city of Ammand, regardless of what person or organiztion rules over it. It might even seem at certain time that the organization serve the citizenry rather than the nobility or the clergy, which is true to some extent. While nobles and crowned rulers are viewed by the organization as pillars of orderly society, they are no masters of the order by any means and are at risk of being deposed by it should they overly abuse the common folk.


The most important asset of the order is Ammand Keep, a massive citadel in the middle of the city given to the order to conduct their operations during the The Days of Reckoning. While the Aderian Royal Army also has its central command in the building and the keep itself being considered a holy site, it is in the sole possesion of the Order of the White Rose.   The order also owns a few castles and their sorounding lands, mostly around the Aderian Bank. Those are usually leased to the Aderian Royal Army or other forces that operate under the Kadian Military Cooperation Services.


The Order of the White Rose was officialy founded after it took over the city of Ammand in 708. Prior to the Andorian Church recognition, the order was a semeritan group of former soldiers and venatores who traveled across the Aderian Bank in hopes of restoring order to small towns and villeges.   In 705 the group arrived to Ammand that was still devestated by warring houses and gangs. The order took control of the city's gate and began to push other agressors further inward, trapping them in the city and slowly picking them up. During that time they would patrol the street under their control to ensure order is kept. Most folks began admiring the order members, refering to them as 'sir' and 'mam', even though very few of them, if any, have ever been knighted.   By the year 708, the city was completely under the control of the order. The order struggled under the many issues that are assosiated with ruling over a large city. The Andorian Church suggested they would hand the city to them, in return for ownership of Ammand's Keep. While not completely trusting the Church, the order was primeraly composed of former soldiers and common citizens who had no management skills, and finally accepted the offer with the added condition that once a suitable ruller is found, the church will relanquish their hold over the city for that person.   In the year 900, Sandor Amarell attempts to unite the various political figures and noble houses in the city under his banner. He approaches the order, that by that time was a properly sanctified organiztion, tasked with the city safety and defenses. Despite the church's initial resistance the order sign up a contract with Amarell, in return for their help they shall retain their position and holdings, including some of the seized property. By spring of the same year the entire city and the entire Aderian Bank was under the control of House Amarell and it's allies.   In 915, following the War of the Lords, a new division of the order was founded, called the Justiciar Order. Its members, dubbed Justiciars, are to serve directly under the would be Emperor of Ader, secretly maintaining the law and order in the entire nation.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
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Military Order
Alternative Names
The Alabaster Knights
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White Knight, Alabaster Knight, Knight of the White Rose
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