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A knight is an honorary title that can be given by a ruling monarch to any person they see fit, typically following or preceding a service to the monarch, usually in a military capacity.   Though not necessary, many knights are members of a knightly order; however, being a knight is mandatory in order to join a such orders, and it's impossible for one to become a knight by being an accolade in one.


Though officially a monarch can appoint any person they wish, in practice they all follow numerous rules and traditions that vary greatly from nation to nation and between cultures. More often than not, a knight will be a second son of a noble house, though commoners being elevated to a noble status isn't a rare occurrence.   Notabley, in the Kaviri Highlands, ylämaalaiset appointment is not only a mundane occasion, and more often than not only the ruler and the ylänkömaa are present for it; this is due to the conception that "if it is unclear who's an ylänkömaa, than he is not worthy of being considered as one". However, with the eruption of the Kavirian civil war, earls who were clever enough also realised this could allow them to nominate ylämaalaiset with a more subtle set of skills.
The term itself, "ylämaalaiset", translates to "highlanders" and refers to The Highlanders, legendary warriors that served in the army of the Kingdom of Kavir and were rumored to be immortals.


In the Kadian Dominion, Navaran knights and Aderian equitatus are a part of the ARA reserve forces, serving in equine battalions. Commanders, known as Cavaliers, serve in the standing army like every other officer. The tradition of knightly orders is especially prelevant among Kadian knights, and many of them serve in The Justiciar Order or the Order of the White Rose.   In the Ernfelian nations, druzjanniki (plural form of the Ostnich term for "knight", roughly meaning "close companion") are given land to rule over and tend to; with the exception of becoming a boyar, this is the only way for a commoner to join the noble class.
With accordance to Ernfelian naming conventions, being knighted entails a new surname; specifically, two such names: the word "druzjani", noting knighthood and land ownership, as a last name; and a middle name, indicating their allegiance and whom they serve. Thus, Vászoly Mirkas Druzjani translates to Vászoly, a Knight from Mirkas.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
Nobility, Honorific / Ceremonial
Form of Address
Ader - Eques (male) or Equesa (female)
Other Kadian nations - Sir
Ostian nations - Druzj
Equates to
Druzjani (Ostian nations), Equitatus (Ader), Ylämaalaiset (Kaviri highlands)


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