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Durinian, also known as Durin's Folk, is a group of races with a shared ancestry and whose origins are related to the titan named Durin.

Basic Information


The Durinian races are short and stout, especially in comparison to other races, possessing extremely strong core muscles and very thick spines. Another distinction between Durinian races and others can be found in facial hair, which grows dense and thick in certain areas depending on the race; instead of growing out of hair follicles, facial hairs grow out of subcutaneous layer of a tissue unique to Durin's folk called the Oscapillum.

Genetics and Reproduction

Durinians reproduction varies greatly between the races but always involves some sort of courtship and affinity between the parents, known as 'creators' or 'ancestors', that is required in order to succeed. Most Durinian races live in tightly knit communities that play a great deal in shaping their offspring traits and characteristics. This is also prevalent within Ostian society, which shares may cultural similarities with Durin's folk.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Durinians possess a natural affinity to stone, minerals and metals. The extant of this affinity fluctuates greatly between the different Durinian races, and even within variants of the same race. Another characteristic of the Durinians is their strength, which is far greater than one would have expected. They easily outweigh any of the other races with similar dimensions, such as gnome weighing almost as twice as halflings despite being of roughly the same height.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572
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Terra Anima
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