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1206 March on Ader

The March on Ader, also known as the Long Prayer, was the advancement of the forces of Light's Hand towards the city of Ammand following the Fall of Navara.

The Conflict


Light's Hand, The Inquisition's faction aligned with Kairoz the Enlightened and the Ostian army, conquered the Kingdom of Navara following the 1205 Battle of Navara; with three Aderian Royal Army Brigades routed, Light's Hand began marching on Ader and conquers the Duchy of Arkford on the 14th of First Dawn 1206.


With the Duchy under his control, Kairoz begins marching towards Ammand a full three days ahead of his army and with no apparent escort. With commoners informed of the advancing army, every settlement visited by Kairoz prepares food and drinks for the forces and almost no pillaging occurred.   On the 1st of Father's Gaze Kairoz reaches the gates of Ammand, but is turned away by the emperor on behest of the church. He repeats attempting to talk his way into the city for two more days; on the 3rd of Father's Gaze Light's Hand reaches the city and encircles it; Kairoz joins them and the siege begins.


The Ammand Keep was, and still is, known to be utterly unconquerable. The city itself has access to Lake Kadia and a large port, and was stocked with supplies that could last for more than a year. The military leaders of Light's Hand found no viable plan other than choking the city of supplies.
Desperate and looking for guidance, on the 10th of Father's Gaze Kairoz isolates himself on a hill next to Ammand and begins praying.

The Engagement

On the 10th of Last Judgment Kairoz returns from his prayer and instructs all destructive siege weaponry (such as catapults and trebuchets) to be disassembled; he orders the army to advance three feet each day towards the city.   On the 30th of Last Judgment, upon the verdict, spies are sent into Ammand. They report death and empty streets; the church assumed complete control over the city, and a strange plague is rampaging throughout it.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572
Included under Conflict
Conflict Type
Military Campaign
Start Date
1st of First Dawn 1206
Ending Date
1st of First Bloom 1207


  • Region - Lake Kadia


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