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1238's Battle on the Hildari

The Battle on the Hildari, known in the kingdom of Navara as the Hildari Disaster, was the only major battle in the Saltisian war for independence, in which the prince of Saltis Guy D'euponnet was killed. While most historians view the arrival of prince Guy and champion cavalier Percival Half-Elven onto their respective camps in Mother's Gift as the start of the battle, it is more commonly referring to the engagement in which Guy died in Last Harvest and the events that followed.

The Conflict


Since the late 1210's, palisades were erected along both banks of the Hildari, with mutual assaults and reprisals constantly occuring; however, little to no ground was gained by either side and the front seemed to be in a constant stalemate for almost two decades. On the 8th of Mother's Gift Percival Half-Elven was sent to end the stalemate by the queen of Ader Isolda Artzmit with an Aderian royal equine battalion under his command, and joined the forces of the Navaran magisterial corps that were led by house Nesraf and house Redanerl. Coincidentally, the prince of Saltis wished to focus the principality's effort on crossing the Hildari in order to pressure the SFLK into acknowledging his nation's right for independence. Over the following month, more and more forces gathered at the massive northern and southern stockades of Guy's Bridge, with over two thirds of both armies camping in its vicinity by the 17th of Last Harvest.

The Engagement

Three hours before the dawn of the 18th of Last Harvest, Navaran ballista squads began launching volleys at irregular intervals, attempting and succeeding in demoralizing the Saltisian troops. When dawn broke and illuminated the battleground, the Navaran archers began shooting paced volleys of their own; these were highly effective, with each wave killing soldiers in scores. One of the earliest volleys, believed to be either the second or third, pierced Guy's armor through a miniscule chink in the neck, killing him almost immediately. Not only did this leave the Saltisian army with no leader, the sight of their prince dying caused the Saltisians' already low morale to completely break and they began a retreat; many soldiers were seen retreating even before the order was given.


As the retreating forces of the Saltisian army rallied under Bertramnus Devereux's banner, scouts reported of Navaran cavalry detachments raiding the Saltisian countryside, with the Queen of Ader's brother, Percival Half-Elven, ordering and overseeing many of the incursions.
We were convinced the battle was already won after Guy's death. We overextended, and I brashly concluded that we had free reign in Saltis. It was foolish, to say the least.
— Percival Half Elven to Isolda.
This foray proved to be disastrous: three days following Guy's death the Osviri Thunders charged the Navaran cavalry that crossed the Hildari, easily cutting them off from the main army, slaying any accompanying forces and capturing every knight and noble they could. Among the captives were Percival, and upon realizing this, Bertammus and Gaspard D'euponnet seized the advantage and conditioned their release with independence.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572
Included under Conflict
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
12th of Mother's Gift, 1238
Ending Date
21st of Last Harvest, 1238
Conflict Result
Victory for the principality of Saltis


Principality of Saltis

Led by

Navaran Military Forces

Led by



Total: est. 1,800
  • Circa 1,400 dead, including prince Guy
  • Over 300 injured
Total: est. 1,200
  • Over 1000 dead
  • Circa 100 injured
  • 78 captured, including Percival, Meradazer and Tiberius.



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