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House Redanerl

House Redanerl Is one of the most powerful and influential Navaran noble houses, possibly even rivaling House Bneurling. Over the years, they eradicated three minor noble houses, and supposedly House Borbezac, a former major noble house. The women were all forcibly assimilated into the house, while the men were either executed with their children if they had any, or castrated otherwise.


"Seriously?! You actually fink dat fucking house iz filled wif humans?! Open your eyez man, der haz to be an elf somewhere in der, dey can't be actual humans cuz dey got it all! De looks, de movez, de wordz, de fucking earz man! and dey are around since forever! Ooh! Y'knowhat? I overheard dis one guy di oder day when I waz sitting at dat tavern and he waz saying dat dey are actually descendents of de first Telasi! I swear on my mader, i'm not lying!"
- Four Fingered Kenelm, local Navaran pickpocket, orphan, and liar
Whether due to genetics or due to upbringing, most Sharpies are egotistic and short-tempered, while being highly sociable and charismatic; combined with house members being physically attractive, this lead to their misconception as dull-witted individuals, with the history of Navara proving that is far from the truth.


During the usurpation of Navara by Kairoz the Andorian, Hand of Light, House Redanerl initially sided with Tobias Malion, but later defected and joined the usurper. For their part, they were rewarded with every asset held by House Befargreier within the city itself, save for the family mansion.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572

To Rule is Divine

Political, Family
Sharpies (slang)
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