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House Bneurling

House Bneurling is rich and powerful, and its members have always wanted it to become more of both. Members of the house are very involved in political intrigue and are always present in every social gathering of members of higher societies. The Abollonians became increasingly religious as The Inquisition grew in power, and they traditionally hold close relations. They were also known to maintain good relations with House Befargreier, until the latter sided with Tobias Malion during the usurpation of Navara.


Abollonians are known to be somewhat indulgent, and they used to be downright decadent. However, with the coronation of Demmus Bneurling by Kairoz the Andorian, and the war of the cleric at full force, their attention and resources were shifted elsewhere.   Unlike most other houses in Navara and in stark contrast to the royal family of their sister kingdom, the women of house Bneurling are not seen as equal to their male counterparts and are deemed unfit to hold formal positions of leadership. However, many decisions are made by women of the house, just not formally. It is speculated that the death of Demmus Bneurling and the coronation of Meinhard Bneurling in his stead was due to the actions of Felisia Bneurling, Meinhard's mother.


House Bneurling currently rules the city and kingdom of Navara.


During the usurpation of Navara by Kairoz the Andorian, the house joined the usurper as the inquisition's natural allies. For their part, they were rewarded with the Navaran crown, replacing House Malion.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572

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