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House Befargreier

House Befargreier is a somewhat liberal noble house. Antagonisitic towards religion in general, and comprised of advocates for scientific and magical advancement, it is under close inspection of The Inquisition. Occasionally, they even engage in open hostility, most notably during the usurpation of Navara. Due to their advances leading to improvement in living standards, most other organizations turn a blind eye to their alleged Vintian ancestry. Those who don't are easily bribed, as House Befargreier are the sole suppliers of many items and services. Members of the house are considered to be generally good natured.


The family has three leaders: The Patriach, The Matriarch, and The Apicearch. The first two are chosen by their predecessors and are a part of the family's bloodline. The apicearch, however, is nominated from outside the house: the triarchy conducts interviews, with potetntial apicearchs applying for the position. With the final say being the apicearch's, the position is greatly sought after not only for political gains but also for scientific advancement.


It was once said that House Befargrier has pockets deeper than Lake Kadia. Formerly the only house with research facilities, all of which are in rural areas (as accidents have happened before). By the Andorian Church's decree, a research facility is to be inspected at least quarterly by no less than two Venatores Malificarum, and once every two years by an ordained Inquisitor Maleficarum.
All research facilities were confiscated by Kairoz the Andorian, Hand of Light and then given to house Redanerl during the revolution; though still operated by house Befargreier, these facilities ultimately pursue the agenda of house Andoriani and house Bneurling, with as much as 40% of all revenues being payed as taxes to house Redanerl.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572

Semper Pertempto
(Discover Endlessly)

Grey Beef (derogatory)
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