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House Nesraf

House Nesraf is the only noble house that cannot trace its origins to their full extant. Coincidentally, it is also the only house that can trace its origins up to the construction of the Ammand Keep. It somehow manages to survive every war, disaster, and conflict, even when siding with the losing side.
The legends claim that one hundred house members were resurrected by an ancient god for committing a great deed, making it impossible to reduce the number of their true allies below one hundred ever since.


House Nesraf is comprised of two distinct groups: The Elevated and The Argent. In practice it functions as a cohesive noble house, with the two groups being in close relations and both having equal rights and duties. This leads to a unique hierarchy:   Commonly having four generations alive, each generation (save for the youngest one) has two representatives called "Hem", one for the Argent and one for the Elevated; once elected by a majority vote, the term is for life unless vetoed or a call for re-election is made.
  • The oldest Hems, also known as the Elder Hems, do not make any decisions, providing advice and guidance instead. Additionally, elder hems can veto any decision that conerns the entire house, including the appointment of new Hems.
  • The second oldest hems, also known as Central Hems, are the de facto and de jure leaders, having the final say on any matter with the elevated hem holding the title of Duke of Karhaven.
  • The youngest Hems, also known as Infant Hems, hold less power in general, though traditionally have the final say in all manners novel, such as political pacts, trade agreements, or usage of technology.


House Nesraf currently rules the Duchy of Karhaven.


During the usurpation of Navara by Kairoz the Andorian, Hand of Light, the Hems voted in favor of joining House Bneurling in siding with the usurper. For their part, they were rewarded with the Duchy of Karhaven, completely eradicating House Verhill.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572

Centuria et Saecula
(Century and Centuries)

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