Numidius Imperial Decree of 1478: The right of Death

Imperial Decree of 1478: The right of Death

Political event


The Queen of Vintia, Mathela Von Vestiri, declares an Imperial Decree in order to end a controversial congress of Mortalitasi debating the resurrection of Donverto Von Torini following a line of accusations brought by his apprentice and later colleague, Lorenzo Arbertiri.
I am hereby declaring my rule as sovereign of this lands for the sake of ending this foolish feud and make our way of life clear going forward for future generations.   Those who where promised their peace in death must always be honored. Disrupting those precious few of us who chose to brave the path alone can only bring more harm than good.   Let those who swore Mortalis Permisima continue their journey, let dead feud lie to rest, those who passed have already won and cemented their place in the world of mortals.   When faced with the challenge of rivaling a corpse or that of forging a new path for yourself, as your queen and protector I command you to choose the later. Not only for your sake, but for the sake of our society.
Mathela Von Vestiri, 24th Queen of Vintia

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