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Intenditore, Justicia Di Imperiali (In-ten-di-to-re)

An Inteditore is a member of the Justicia Di Imperiali. They serve as the 5 judges of the court and their verdicts are second only to the Queen of Vintia.


In order to qualify as am Interditores, a judge must be over the age of 50, have formerly served as a magistrate for a consecutive time period least 10 years and have at least 3 written verdicts of high importance to the realm.   While the criteria are fairly broad, only 3 interditores have ever managed to complete all three at the same time. Very few manage to declare a verdict that is of influence outside of their lands, and even fewer achieve 3 verdicts of importance to the entire realm during their entire reign.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572
Civic, Law
Source of Authority
Legal Establishment
Length of Term
20 years (Can be re-elected)
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