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Observatory of Mirag

The Observatory of Mirag is a research and scrying facility owned and maintained by MIT. It is the most accurate, most precise, and highest resolution omniscope throughout the continent.


The observatory is a pronged tip, conical structure balanced on its head. A cavity at the cone's base gradually translocates into the Astral Plane, forming a pool of unrefined Glimmir with astral water pouring down towards a central cylinder, where it coalesces and forms an image of the object being observed.
Though obvious seams are visible across the structure, it is in fact a monolith; the apperant seams are intersections of the astral plane in different places, hence the straight lines.   Under the object, there is a series of five concentric glimmir discs, called lenses; by changing the order in which the lenses are arranged, one can change the focus and object being observed. The manipulation and adjustment of the lenses is done via the usage of the primacognita (see below) and is literally impossible to explain. Only by studying the true nature of existance one can even attempt to utilize the primacognita for more than simple scrying.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
Observatory / Telescope
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The Mirag Primacognita

Wondrous Item


It isn't round.   The primacognita can serve as the material component for the scrying spell as if the caster is familiar with the target; the sensor created by this spell cannot be seen by creatures that failed the save.   The primacognita is indescribable; that is not to say that its invisible, too elaborate for words, or impossible to remember. Any who view it and even any who use it are completely unable to describe it.   A creature with the following proficiencies can use the primacognita to cast the following spells from it by passing the corresponding DC, with unlimited range, a casting time of one hour and no material components. Regardless of success, this ability can be only used once per day, resetting at dawn.  

Proficiency Spell DC
Deiastronomica (Int) Commune 19
Runcinamentemology (Int) Contact other plane 19
Teleocularology (Int) or Avianomancy (Wis) Commune with nature 17
Rudimentology (Int) Locate Object 16
Animaolefactology (Wis) Locate Creature 18


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