The Lunar Festival

The Lunar Festival is a celebration dedicated to Baro and Idon and their role in timekeeping, navigation and other aspects of society. The tradition is commonly practiced in the southern parts of Edora. It originates from the Imperial Lands but practiced in the entire Darsal Crest and parts of the Agaman Bay as well.


Some aspects of the holiday can be trace as early as 1,000 [var-time:bc], with various evidence of the practice found in land of the fallen Kingdom of Darseras. Some later additions, such as the excessive use of magical arts during the festival is considered a much later addition that was adopted in later years, mostly in the Vintian Imperium.


The practice differs greatly from area to area, but at its core remains the same. A sermon is made in honor to the passing of time and the changing of the seasons. In societies with naval heritage its is also common to honor the moons' effects on navigation and tides.   Some cultures, mostly small communities, celebrate the holiday during the maiden of each Quadrant, with a small gathering or even just a sermon. This is more common in societies with small or no magical presence in their community, such as small villages or very rural towns.   Other, such as the Vintian Imperium or the Kingdom of Cigon, hold a single, huge ceremony during the middle of Latspri. Those variations of the holiday are more akin to festivals, with special foods or drinks served and main events that often include magical shows and arcane bazaars that are set up for the occasion, often lasting for a full Tenday.


The practice is a popular tourist attraction with entire groups dedicated to travel between festivals as they are celebrated. Some of those groups will cross the entire continent in the span of a year. Many explorers and travelers documented those gatherings during their journies, making it one of the most well known practices in the world.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
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