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High Inquisitor

High Inquisitors are inquisitors who have proven themselves worthy of being charged with protecting entire Kingdoms from heretics, maleficars and apostasy.  
Middas, 5th of First Dawn, 1205 AA   At the exact time the mass starts at midday, "Law," says High Inquisitor Kairoz as the church's doors slam shut, "and Justice." The lights brighten and become pleasant on the eyes once more.   "Middas is the 5th day of the week; and now at midday, we are at the exact middle of the week. We would have it no other way: Law should be well defined. The purpose of Law is to differ the right from the wrong; to differ the lawful from the lawless; to differ the principled from the corrupt. Such is in Law of land.   The purpose of Law is to bring order and harmony; to weave the hectic threads of life into a vestment of self-discipline; to empower one's resolve in the face of outright evil. Such is in Law of men.   A good law is not open for interpretation. It is strict, unambiguous, and fair. One can either go by it, or against it. It is not innocence that differs one from lawlessness, but adherence. Such is in Law.   Justice should be impartial. The purpose of Justice is to strike true and admit fault; to reward the faithful and retribute the heretic; to embolden the righteous and to deny the wicked.   Good justice is impartial. It is swift, overwhelming and gives solace. One must know that there are two sides, and yet deliver justice as if there were none."   The sermon is followed by a three hour long prayer.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572

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