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Invyre Half-Elven

Invyre Melitades

Let me tell you about my Invyre,
She's 63 years old. Standing 1.63m tall, fit with a tan skin, my Invyre can make women half her age jealous.   She and I are a perfect example of opposites complementing each other. She's a talented weaver, trained by her mother. I can't sew a button. I hunted demons and executed deranged cultists, she's afraid of ghosts.   I love everything about her - the way she sniffles when it gets a little cold, the way she still sucks her thumb, and how there's no knowing when and if she'll stop laughing once she starts. She dislikes our neighbors – they're too pious to her taste, lacking a certain spark; I'm certain she still resents me for leaving to Navara. Her favorite color is pastel red; imagine her excitement when she first saw Disa Cardinalis, a pastel red orchid.   We met during my training, she's a devout worshiper of Nymm, and she was the only half-elf who came to pray every single day. I couldn't get her off my mind, or stop looking at her. We spoke a few times, but each time either one of us had to leave. So, I did what I had to do, and tore a piece of my robes, and went to her house for her to fix it. The rest is history.
The following years I've also learned the difference between a weaver and a tailor.
Kairoz Half-Elven to a skeleton after clearing a necromancer's lair.
Invyre Half-Elven was a weaver from Ammand and the wife of Saint Kairoz the Andorian.

Mental characteristics

Intellectual Characteristics

Invyre was a know-it-all yet she usually remained likeable on her acquaintances. She was idealistic and somewhat rebellious but always cheerful. Her strong rebellious streak has subtle down over the years, especially after her husband assumed the role of High Inquisitor of Navara, but was still prone to some harmless mischief here and there.

Personality Characteristics

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Invyre enjoyed the high life of Ammand, she has acquired a taste for art and finery such as perfumes and exotic foods. She usually wore unique clothes made by the top designers that were mostly colorful and well-fitted. According to writing of Karioz, her favorite flower was the extremely rare Disa Cardinalis and her favorite color was pastel-red. Despite developing an expansive taste, Invyre grew up in the middle class and wore no jewelry, as she claimed "they made her feel too lavish."


Contacts & Relations

While Invyre is reveared almost to the degree of an actual saint by the Order of the Vermilion Orchid, she was never canonized. If fact, her actual connection to the order is belived to be entirely post morterm as the order was officialy founded and recognized by the Andorian Church more than a decade after her passing. This argument is mostly countered by those who claim that the order began its work during the War of the Cleric, with Invyre actually leading it.

Family Ties

Invyvre's elders daughter, Isolda Artzmit, was appointed as the first Sovereign of Ader, and her her offspring are members of House Andoriani.  


Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572
Current Location
Date of Birth
27th of Mother's Gift
1142 AC 1329 AC 187 years old
Deep Black
Chestnut-Brown, straight and slick, reaching elbow length.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Slightly Tanned
5'3" (1.63 m)
Known Languages

Character Portrait image: by Rachel Denton (Edited)


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