I want you think of it as a godly tune that has been sung for eons and will be sung for eons more. We can add our verses to the story, but the tune moves on. Unless you put effort, manipulate the tune to such a degree it is considered a different song, it will eventually correct itself. Many have tried to breach this unseen and barely understood force. It affects everything from our ability to use magic to how the soul behave outside of the body. Even with our current understanding of rotational junction and the subsequent junction precession we have barely even scratched the subject's surface.
— Turvi Oregrid, 'On Transmutations In The Primal Forces'
The Numidius (From Celestial: Echo(Numi) of Creation(Dius)) is an invisible metaphysical force that connects everything together, similarly to the weave. The Numidius is best explained as sound, or as a vibration. Some magical effects originate from the Numidius, notably those that only require a verbal component. Together with anima, magic, time and entropy, the numidius is considered as one of the Primal Forces.


The Numidius has been observed by skilled wizards and some Kalashtar Mystics throughout time, yet very little is known about it except that it is literally everywhere and connected to anything, organic and artificial alike. The only record of permanent, observable change in the Numidius was The Ponderer's Escape in 1208 AC   Some animancer and mortalitasi believe there is a direct connection between souls, death, the weave and the Numidius, and that effects on one will affect the others. This claim is supported by spell-making theorists

Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
Metaphysical, Supernatural


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