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Rotational Junction

A Rotational Junction, often abbreviated as Rojo (or "Rojos" for plural), is a fundamental property of matter that dictates the way it interacts with the Material Planes. It is only visible in small scales, with junction density (defined as number of junctions per unit volume) varying from one material to another; on average, a regular cube-sized sample of matter would have circa 4.12206×1017 junctions.   The junction's Axle is a quantity that describes the dimension in which the junction is rotating. The total axle of a junction is the can have either an integer (actual) or an integer and a half (notional) value, with the former aligning it with the Prime Material Realm and the latter aligning it with the Feywild if it's positive or with the Shadowfell if it's negative.


The concept of rojos is well defined mathematically; the following excerpt from "Palmapple's intro to Rojos" is considered to be the most straightforward, though it does require some mathematical knowledge in order to be fully understood.
In essence, a junction is defined as a vector field; an interaction beween two junctions is described, mathematically, as their multiplication. By multiplying two junctions, one can predict the products of an interaction between them.

by rttuo

by rttuo

Visual Representation
Junctions, and more specifically their interaction, can be visually described as a vector field; these can be seen below, with their associated mathematical expression.

Annihilation and Actualization

There are two possible interactions between rojos with opposing axles; notional rojos that collide with their opposites will have their axle set to zero, becoming aligned with and appearing in the Prime Material Realm, in a process called Actualization; actual rojos that collide with a rojo of their exact opposite axle will Annihilate each other, in a process that releases extraordinary amounts of light (Luminary Annihilation), sound (Auditory Annihilation), or in the general case, both.


Due to the additive nature of rojos, objects will be either notional or actual, with their total axle determining their location in one of the three material planes. Note that for either actualization or annihilation to occur there must be a direct collision between the rojos themselves; this means that actual matter can, and does, have a total negative axle yet not interact violently with matter with a total positive axle; similarly, notional matter from the fey can interact with notional matter from the shadow without actualizing.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572
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