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Junction Precession

Junction Precession, sometimes abbreviated as Rojession, is a process in which the axle of a rotational junction is either increased or decreased by an integer value. This process releases an unquantifiable form of magical energy that is highly unstable and able to cause a chain reaction within neighboring junctions. Recent findings by the Academy of Briga indicate that it may also cause Duomyaglossa. The phenomenon was first described by Maar Eikiry, and she is considered to be "the mother of rotational transmutaion"


The process has no effect in the scale of a single rojo, and it is believed that it may even occur routinely on scales of up to 105¬†rojos at a time. On larger scales it emits some sort of energy that is mostly undetectable. Current theories attempt to unify rojession with annihilation and actualization; the discrepancy between the measurability of the emitted energy seems to relate to the duration over which the process occurs.  


There are two observed forms of rojession:
  • A Feying Rojession occurs when a junction's axle is increased by two. This process is also known as precessing Feywards.
  • A Felling Rojession occurs when a junction's axle is decreased by one. This process is also known as precessing Fellwards.
Additionally, there are three predicted forms of rojession, that are yet to be observed:
  • Contra-Feying, in which a junction's axle is decreased by two.
  • Contra-Felling, in which a junction's axle is increased by one.
  • Bilateral Rojession, in which a notional rojo spontaneously becomes actual; observation of this phenomena and its measurement would confirm Palmapple theory.


Rojession can occur in both actual and notional rojos. Palmapple theory asserts that an annihilation of two actual rojos is in fact both of them causing each other to rojess, creating a feedback loop; since the feying rojo rojesses twice as fast as the felling rojo, this implies the process itself has to occur almost immediately. Though current measurment appartus aren't sensetive enough to completely verify this hypothesis, it serves as a mathematical framework and currently all observations follow its predictions.

Palmapple Theory

Regards rojession as a feedback loop, with the introduction of a feying/felling rojo making it unstable i.e. giving the CE a root with a real part larger than zero.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
First Described
Maar Eikiry, 1489, "Saltim De Infausto Observant Fundis Transmutatia Di Materium" (uncanny observations regarding the fundamental transmutation of matter)


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