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Entropy is an unsolvable problem. It is the reason death exists, it is the reason magic comes at a price, it is the reason time moves only forward, and it is the supreme law that guides all other fundamental forces.   You can, and maybe should, think of it as the inevitable state of rest: a moving object will eventually halt; a beating heart will eventually stop; a neat interior will eventually become untidy; a length of string will eventually tangle in your pocket.
All matter wishes to spread out evenly, and at the most basic level of a singular rojo, the rotation will cease; this ties directly to the movement of The Wheel, and the eventual cessation of it spinning.   This alone could make entropy an unsolvable problem; however, it runs much deeper. With an increasingly large body of irrefutable evidence confirming entropy's sheer absoluteness in all scales, a horrifying realization came to light among scholars and wizards: magic can't come from nothing; it has to come from somewhere, and using it could very well tear the fabric of existence in a yet unknown manner, in a distant, remote location. One can only imagine the horrors we have caused in our reckless use of it.   Entropy is a problem because it revealed to us an unsettling truth:
Magic isn't magic.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572


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