The Taldirian Senate

The Taldirian Senate is the collection of denizens in the Archduchy of Taldir with rights to vote for the Arch Duke of Taldir. The Senate fulfills vert little practical role in the management of the archduchy. It was formed fromed from the The Taldirian Townmasters and serves mostly to ensure equality of representation between the various towns and cities of the archduchy.


The Taldirian Senate is overseen by the Arch Duke of Taldir, who gathers them in Taldirin every 5 years to hear their needs and requirements. While the Arch Duke is not obligated in any legal manner to comply with the senate's demands, they rarely do so outright.   The senate itself is comprised from the various townmasters, lord, mayors and dukes of the archduchy. Representatives of the Kingdom of Dam Lodir and of the Lionshield Metalworking Guild also recive a sit in the senate, but their vote only counts as a half.   The Andorian Church's also have sit reserved for the local Cardinal but they do not receive the right to vote, and serve only as an inspector and advisor on behalf of the Andorian Alliance.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
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