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The People's Archduchy of Arvernfel, often just referred to as Arvenfel, is an Ostian nation controlling most of the eastern Ostig Plateau. Formerly a part of Osternfel, the republic is a collection of cities that rebelled against the Empress of Osternfel tyranny. It is currently ruled by an Arch Duke from the former free city of Krac. Arvenfel is a member of the Andorian Alliance.

Basic Information


Ostig Plateau



Ethnic Majority


Official Languages

Aderic(in religious contexts)


Typing: Sovereignity
Index Allocations: OARV-00/00 - OARV-99/99
Market: North (group) / North-West (local)
Distribution: <1 Pp/Capita
TOI: 1.1 Pp/Capita
IOI: 3.2 Pp/Capita

FCCI Rank:


Sanctions & Limitations

1216, Andorian Verilium Trade Sanctions
1366, Andorian Gold Sanctions
1512, Andorian Investors Limitations


Conflict Level


Active Conflicts

1570, Xesianise Invasion

YMRI Rating


Active Warrnings

Common Salemizia
Severe limitations on high magic


Though Arvernfel is comprised not only of former duchies but also archduchies, the college of archdukes was restylized as the college of grand-dukes, with the first among them retaining the title of arch-duke, after being elected by the college for five decades; in case the elected archduke dies before their mandate is over, the position in inherited by their offspring. Each grand duke is elected by their vassal dukes, who are in turn elected by their vassal barons.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572



Geopolitical, Archduchy
Leader Title
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Parent Organization
Related Ranks & Titles
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations


Arvernfel spend considerable resources to maintain good relations with Estrerra mostly in hope to establish proper trade routes and agreements with the Free Cities and the nations of the Agaman Bay. Estrerra is well aware on Arvernfel's need for its cooperation, yet the neutral state express worries in regard to Arvernfel still being a member of the Andorian Alliance and their culture deep intertwine with the Andorian Church.

Closed Borders

The sun elves of Aratir care very little regarding the outside world, believing that the age of men will pass and that the High Elven societies will rule the continent once more. This world view is no different when dealing with Arvernfel, and both nations have an unspoken agreement of not having diplomatic relations.

Rogue State

Osternfel views Arvernfel as a rogue duchy that is to be rightfuly controled by the Emperor of Osternfel. Arvernfel claims Osternfel is a tyranny, and the two do not maintain diplomatic relations outside the bare minium required under Andorian Alliance.


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