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Shvat the Great

Arch Duke Shvat III Kracon (a.k.a. Shvat the Great)

Shvat the Great was the first archduke of Osternfel to publicly denounce the levies imposed by Veronica Dislerf, the then Empress of Osternfel, leading to the Osternfel Civil War of 1201. He is largely considered to be the founding father of Arvernfel.
Even though Shvat was married to a woman and had kids, it was widely known that he was a homosexual, and he made no effort to hide that fact. This defiance against a then social taboo helped him depict his public image of a liberator and a fighter for social justice.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
Shvat the 3rd, Lord of Krac, depicted watching the border between Arvernfel and Osternfel.
1155 AC 1236 AC 81 years old
Aligned Organization


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