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Dalagor Shasandoral

Dalagor Aristar (a.k.a. Shasandoral)

Dalagor Shasandoral, born as Dalagor Aristar, was a Ostian half-elf sorcerer originaly from Sigriva. He is mostly known for his role in the killing of the Patric Malion, the sole heir to the Kingdom of Navara together with the prince's only son, Demian Malion.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Now much is known on Dalagor. During parts of his childhood he was a slave, as noted in an official evaluation for the Justiciar Order. He either moved to the west of the Amadel Mountains during his late 40's or early 50's, possibly with a mentor.   The Justiciar order claim he was never trained by them and that they had no notion of his existence prior to the Murder of Patric. Despite this claim Dalagor showed extensive knowledge in the organization tactics and warfare strategy during his operations in the kingdoms of Ader and Navara.   After the attack he was chased to the Navaran eastern frontier where he tackled a group of justiciars led by Ummar von Fritz, a former Imperial Legionire. He was able to kill his pursuers and was smuggled by the Col'bhen Cint'nias through Debye Pass to an unknown location.   Dalagor whereabouts where unknown until evidence of the Cult of The Shard surfaced and several arrest were made. In one of the seized document he was mentioned as a low ranking member of the mysterious organization. With his last location of residence known, justiciars were sent to capture and kill him. They traced his as he was fleeing Osternfel and eventually captured and killed him near the border with Hegemony of Xesian, possibly trying to reach the Agaman Bay.   Dalagor gave very little, but crucial, information regarding the Cult of the Shard prior to his death in combat. He also carried no journal and had very little personal possessions, making it hard to gather further intelligence.   The name Sashandoral can be loosely translated to "The once imprisoned but now free son" in Simple Elvish. According to testimonies of those involved in his hunt, he did not used the name outside the borders of the Second Empire of Ader and probably received it from the wood elves in the area. His motives and goals, both for helping the Col'ben Citnt'nias and his involvement with the Cult of the Shard remain hidden.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
1006 AC 1219 AC 213 years old
Circumstances of Death
was caught by the Justiciar Order when trying to cross the border to the Kaviri Highlands. Died fighting.
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
A contract issued by Cerberus Company containing Sashandoral's only publicly known depiction. The poster was sent to various mercenary groups in the Second Empire of Ader teritories.
A proof of training found by the Inquisition in an old safehouse belonging to Kairoz the Andorian.


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