The Inequitars

The Inequitars are former agents of the Justiciar Order that are employed by the Kadian Dominion and tasked with assassinations where the SFLK would rather have its intervention go unnoticed. The group operates under the Kadian Intelligence Services, and is used by both the Kingdom of Ader and the Kingdom of Navara.


The role of inequitar was created following the Great Kadian Split, specifically as result of the assassination of Gareth Verhill during the War of the Cleric.   The Inequitars used to be an group of Ostian Justiciars that were somewhat loyal to Veronica Dislerf and her cause, especially her aid to Kairoz the Andorian in his war against Tobias Malion.   The group was among the most active justiciar groups during the Kadian Split, sometimes carrying multiple assassinations in a day. While effective, the group became notorious for their methods, including false flag operations, kidnapping and killing of messengers and even regicide in several cases. This reputation, along with the negative light that began to wash over the Justiciar Order, at the time, led to the group becoming separated from the order, and working directly under the Divine Legate.   After the marriage of Reseah Artzmit and Raikor Bneurling and the establishment of the SFLK the group was completely separated from the Justiciar Order, as well as the Order of the White Rose, and began working directly under the Kadian Intelligence Services as an independent contractor, although one that is forced to work solely with members of the SFLK.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572

Aequitas est in Venatia
(Equity is on the hunt)

Founding Date
Military, Special Operations Force
Training Level
Veterancy Level
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