First Torchbearer War

The First Torchbearer War, as it would later come to be known, is one of three occasions in Dominion history where a sitting Imperatrix attempted to launch a coup. Though at first glance it may appear an oddity that a current head of government launched a coup against the very government they serve in, the First Torchbearer War is considered as such because then-Imperatrix Valaren a'Diren attempted to overthrow the current system to establish one more favorable to her and her descendants.   At the core of the conflict was Valaren's belief in feminine primacy. As Tretalleri society had always been and continues to be matrilineal and, in a sense, matriarchal, Valaren wondered why men should be allowed to sit the Ivory Throne at all. And indeed, the wording of the Law of Lineality, which barred men from passing the Throne to their offspring because "the bond between Father and children is neither as inviolable nor as sacrosanct as that between Mother and children."   Valaren dreamed of a dynasty, of a shining empire she could bequeath to her daughter and her daughter's daughter after her, and so on to every woman in her line. To that end she sought to strike the language allowing for men to sit on the Ivory Throne from the Law of Lineality.   Her hardline stance, was deeply unpopular and drew fierce resistance from the Lords and Ladies Superior of the Great Houses of the Realm. To understand why, one need only look back to the great crisis of the previous generation, the Wars of Succession, which was sparked by the death of an Imperator without an appointed heir. The Law of Lineality ensured there would always be viable and specific heirs to the Throne. In conjunction with the creation of the Twin Courts, which could govern the Dominion while the Throne sat empty, the previous imperator Zovynnë a'Devytorë ensured that the kind of power vacuum that instigated the Wars of Succession could never occur again.
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