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Pale Imperator

Dominean Tretalleri
All, Arise! Csândë velcsinë ormë fitë ζza
He approaches! Metyperrë Di'Teýna ζza
He who is Ruler Absolute, Teýnirë Di'Ornimë Cilanannëna
Lord over the Dominion, Cilanannë avvë Di'Deýlirna
Protector of the Realms, De'Vidmerrë D'Lanâkhë Di'Tretâllëna
The Divine, and the Ever-Victorious! Di'Cilvetina neda Di'Tatyrë Mafettëza
He approaches! Metyperrë Di'Teýna ζza
— Heralding of the Imperator
  Di'Adeýla Cilanannë in Tretalleri, the Pale Imperator is far and away the most powerful single person on the planet. He is the absolute ruler of the Dominion and is considered by many to be the avatar of the The Stranger's will on Sekhar. In fact, when pertaining to the Pale Imperator, the same third-person pronoun is used for him, Di'Teýna, as the Stranger, further strengthening this notion.


To become Pale Imperator, an heir presumptive must succeed two tests. The first is a test of patience, endurance, wisdom, and understanding, taking place over a period of no less than 36 years during which time an heir presumptive is given a comprehensive education on the origin, history, and values of the Dominion. At the same time they are endowed with a thorough understanding of contemporary science, are expected to master an art form, and are plunged into war games where they must win through a combination of Dominean tactics and strategy as well as unconventional thinking. They are also taught decorum, diplomacy, and how to navigate the trickiest of political situations as these are all skills expected of an imperator.   At the end of the 36th year of this education, success in this test is evaluated by the heir presumptive's instructors. If they agree, then he will be given eligibility to face the next trial, which will put their strength of will, perseverance, and desire to survive to the test.   The second trial involves the heir presumptive, along with any other candidates who are eligible for the second trial, making a journey across the Desolation to the Shrouded Peaks. First, they must complete a pilgrimage to the City of the Lost, but they do not stop in the valley and instead proceed further toward the heart of the mountain range to seek out the Cloister of Trials. It is said that inside, the candidates must survive a gauntlet of grueling obstacles before being faced with their greatest fears and desires.   Very little is known about this part of the process, as the candidates are bloodsworn to secrecy. One thing is for sure, however. Of the candidates that enter the Cloister of Trials, only three emerge successful, but only one is marked as the Pale Imperator. The other two will become his Prince of Ravens and his Prince of Lances.
Nobility, Non-hereditary
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The Pale Imperator has no equals.
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