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Thouves Tax Revolt

The Thouves Tax Revolt was a rebellion of peasants in Thouves, in 116 IE. It is infamous for temporarily killing Mashant, god of trade.  

Background and Causes

  The Revolt was primarily in response to the high taxes to support the increasingly lavish lifestyle of the nobility. The most unpopular out of all of these taxes was the sales tax that had been recently added by House Mashant increasing the price of all goods.   The final trigger was the arrival of three tax collectors from House Mashant after they'd caught wind of widespread tax evasion.  


  The tax collectors Herrod Whiste, Juniper Reitt and Tirill Tallfellow set up base in the Lazy Lyre Inn shortly after their arrival. They summoned the local mayor, Lady Annavel Lavoie, who arrived soon after with armed commoners on her tail. When leader of the militia, Teod Piccard, made it clear they had no intention on paying any further taxes, Mr. Whiste motioned for the guards to arrest Teod and the mayor. A fight broke out, and the tax collectors were quickly overwhelmed. Lady Annavel Lavoie was heavily wounded.   The tax collectors were dragged out to the Sacred Fig in the town square and hanged alongside an effigy of the deity Mashant. It spilled through the streets, with people ransacking the homes and businesses of vassal families. The revolt grew quickly, with word spreading to neighbouring villages of what had happened.   House Vinca and House Mashant claimed their Banners from the Third Regiment stationed in Coulle to get the situation under control. Some resisted, including a small militia led by Vela Edmunds, and the militia clashed with the Banners as the latter attempted to pacify the revolt. The townsfolk believe that the military set fire to several houses they suspected of sheltering the leaders of the revolt, but the military's position is that the fires were accidents. One of the more bloody fights happened as the Banners attempted to arrest Teod Piccard. He was eventually apprehended, and Mayve Fer stepped forward as a representative for the people of Thouves. The negotations between Mayve Fer and the Houses Vinca and Mashant were kept private.  


  Shortly after the Revolt in Thouves, the sales tax was repealed, the death of Mashant was declared and the 30th Leviathan was declared a day of mourning. He was again reborn as the reformed Hanged God on 23th Dragon, the same day Teod Piccard and Vela Edmunds were executed for instigating the revolt.   Mayve Fer became the new mayor of Thouves after Lady Annavel Lavoie succumed to the wounds sustained during the revolt.
DateSign of Dragons, 116 IE
LocationThouves, Castellan Kingdoms
  • Death of the Deity Mashant
  • Ending the sales tax
Rebel forces
Commanders and leaders
Teod Piccard
Mayve Fer
Vela Edmunds
Bl Roisin Lavoie
Bl Sewald Sommer
Herrod Whiste
Juniper Reitt
Tirill Tallfellow
Lady Annavel Lavoie
Casualties and losses
63 (11 dead)
High Treason for burning a straw puppet!? Everyone knows Mashant's quote unquote death stunk of lies, but did that stop them from publically executing Teod and Vela? Of course not!   The courts agreed the taxes were unreasonable and unfair. Heavens, even the Pears and Peaches agreed! We came to talk, armed with words, not spears and pitchforks or whatever those inane illustrations will have you believe. They forced the fight. They even admit it, ask them!   You march an army on your own citizens and tell me what happens. Feh!
— A concerned citizen

Cover image: Battle of Alexander versus Darius by Pietro da Cortona


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