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Chamber of Peers

The Chamber of Peers is an advisory council intended to represent the voices of the Twelve Houses and their vassals. Each House sends one representative, called a chamberlain; each vassal family is also entitled to one representative each, who often (but not always) votes with their liege lord. Somewhat like a parliament, motions are raised and voted on. Passed motions are sent to the ruler, but they do not necessarily have more weight than a strongly worded letter. However, the fact that the noble families have decided upon a more-or-less unified message naturally carries weight with the ruler.   The Chamber of Peers is sometimes called the Chamber of Pears and Peaches by those who are unhappy with the nobility. However, actually saying that to a Chamberlain would likely result in disadvantages.  

Current Chamberlains

Chamberlain HouseDivine Right of Taxation
Castellan Shield.png
Chamberlain Brioc Castellan House Castellan Rule
Emblem of House Vilmaris
Chamberlain Aristanne Vilmaris House Vilmaris Wesarch
Emblem of House Reia
Chamberlain Leander Reia House Reia Easarch
Emblem of House Abundtia
Chamberlain Moiran Abundtia House Abundtia Heartland
Emblem of House Valor
Chamberlain Mairead Valor House Valor Valoren
Emblem of House Vinca
Chamberlain Iridessa Vinca House Vinca Vincen
Emblem of House Polonia
Chamberlain Karsten Polonia House Polonia Pologo
Emblem of House Hedona
Chamberlain Darius Hedona House Hedona Entertainment
Emblem of House Lucia
Chamberlain Merry Lucia House Lucia Hearth
Emblem of House Scur
Chamberlain Bastien Scur House Scur Military
Emblem of House Mashant
Chamberlain Vasil Mashant House Mashant Commerce
Emblem of House Aurum
Chamberlain Lyrica Aurum House Aurum Craftsmanship

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Note that vassal houses may be of different ethnicities than their parent house.

Primary EthnicityMajor Houses (Vassal Houses)
DwarvenHouse AurumHouse CastellanHouse Scur
ElvenHouse ValorHouse VilmarisHouse Vinca
HalflingHouse AbundtiaHouse LuciaHouse Polonia
HumanHouse HedonaHouse MashantHouse Reia


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