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Rise of Morkadia

The rise of Morkadia tells the story of a whole kingdom breaking out of their chains and rising up against a world which wants them dead. It's a generation long war that still rages as wild as ever before.   In short the warfronts can be divided up into three main conflicts, and two lesser ones.   First we have House Mordûn who fight against the forces of the Viper, which is an offshoot group of Darkelven nationalists that abandoned the noble way of the twin Serpents, and also the forces of the House of Wolves. Through Morkalithe they clash through the northern mountains to push back the Wolf's armies, while they employ the mystic and often sinister forces and ambassadors of the abyss to reclaim the fields of Whisper from the Viper, and ultimately put an end to his house.   Secondly there is the House of Locus against the House of Dusk. This warfront can be found all throughout the Locust Plataeu and the Shadowglen above the Morkadian homeland. Through wave of wave of demonic hordes, brought by three pillars of sanguine nights still burn a hope and alchemical light of those who would call themselves the locust swarm. To bring famine, sickness and plagues unto their duskborne foes holds the forces of Locus to keep their heads tall in face of a surperior enemy, as they seek to wipe out the Monarch of Dusk and his whole bloodline from the face of the world.   Thirdly there is the House of Castitas accompanied by their allied forces of beastmen which seek to protect the Dame of Sacred Waters and dominate the The Depths of Zyffrak to claim the resource of Essentia Crystals to craft terrible weapons of magi-tech to crumble their foes with. It's the religious zeal of magic and technology combined to a lethal art which shall be their salvation against the Spider and her puppet Widow on their conquest to cut off yet another head of the hydra which their kingdom face.   As for the smaller conflicts, the Flame of Saint Katarina also wage their own personal war against the abyssborn that lurk among the Chalzaar range, in a hope to purify the sins of their own people and establish a powerfull sisterhood on the mountain peaks, that one day by using their surperior holy technology shall bring a whole new crusade against the dark elven empire.   Lastly we have the Pistoleers
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