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Morkadian (Mohr-kov-ian)


  Throughout the world's lore, Morkadia has never been the biggest or badest around. They were a people of peace and love, that embraced the finer arts and craft as artisans, writers and technological revolutionaries.   When war came, they were not prepared for it's consequences and had to flee back into their bastion of Morkalithe to avoid being enslaved.   For years they held their gates from a siege that would go on for generations. Thus slowly hardening a loving people to that of a nation born for war. Arts were lost for Artillery, as guns and blades replaced ink and pen. Smiles and laugher of unique individuals with unique dreams reforged into lines of men and women marching to the drums of war.   Once a country of quarreling and arguing nobles that never got along, now united as grown up siblings that stand back to back with a united goal. If they are to one day reclaim what is theirs, and return to the olden days, there can be no room for argue or failure.    


  Bearing uniforms of green and brown, the Morkadians love their thicker coats and hats which have to do with the cold mountain climates. Often made by materials such as leather and fur, their style is still somewhat influenced by old Diestrian culture which shows on their many overly decorated crests and statues.   Though now warlike, brother and sisterhood has never been stronger before and the Morkadians still have celebrations and important cermons which they hold close at heart. While maybe not as grand of a scale like in the olden days, a feast every once in a season is important for morale.   Thus the Morkadians celebrate five very special occations. The month of the Reaper, the festival of rebirth, the summer feast and the final harvest. Though all of these four

Major organizations

House Locus
House Castitas
Flame of Saint Katarina
The Pistoleers
The Deathless
Kings Fleet
Languages spoken
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