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Sepulcher of the Saintly Queen


And as the kingdom fell into disorder and chaos after the tide of blood swept across the lands, the Queen would fall into three days of mourning and four nights of praying untill she finally fell asleep on her bed of tears.   Never to wake again, her sorrow would be so great that the very rifts of reality tore open, spewing forth the whailing souls of the abyss back to the lands of the living, to join the song of sadness.   Through her countless sacrifices and selfless deeds in her waking days, the dead would return to her side as guardians. Once more taking up their arms to protect the queen against the threat which loom over her beloved children. Thus only when the kingdom is once more brought back to it's days of peace and love will the nightmare she set unto Morkadia's foes vanish as she drift away to the endless sleep.   -The sorrow-tale of the Saintly Queen

The coffin

Though most coffins that harbour the dead royality is gilded and encased with jewels and expensive minerals, the Sepulcher is nothing grandiose. It merely consists of a normal coffin of rotten wood, that rests the old queen's never decaying body on a sheet of gray satin. On her head rests a crown of copper, matching the tattered dress of rags which she wears underneath a black cloth which hides her lower body.   Within her dark green hair rests dried blossoms of unkown origins, which matches the dried stains of wet makeup which coats her face. Finally, within her arms lie the great pearly eye of a giant squid, which never seems to rot away.  


Morkadians die twice! A famous quote which can be heard screamed from their lips as a warcry. Though the chant can seem weird or stupidly brave, it's a well kept secret that the Sepulcher can capture the souls of those that die within Morkalithe and thus allow the deceases to be brought back to the world of the living, though in different forms and shapes than when they were alive.   Though the power seem to be limited as the act of bringing the dead back to life only ever happens once, even though certain other abyssal relics have the powers to make people neigh immortal if not perished by special means. That only Morkadians are ever brought back also help to fuel the faith that their ever sleeping queen is still sentient, and her spirit still wanders her lands to protect Morkadia against it's foes.   Sceptics however claim that it may all be a trick of the abyssal gods, whom are well known to play tricks of divine intervention from revereds gods and ancient leaders. Some even believe that it'd be a mercy to ensure the Queen is really dead, as they fear the abyss has her soul walk an endless street of void and loneliness. A fate worse than death which the beloved queen does not deserve.
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