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  Hiding in the darkness of mountainranges three, the region of Morkalithe is shrouded in danger, secrets and lands chissled from crystaline tears. From the northen Shadowglen to the southern Blackmires and the western Autumnglen to the eastern Ravenhollow looms it's three peaks, hiding a crossroads long lost in the ashes of war and time.   Though if it serves to protect the horrors of beast and man alike, or shelter the surrounding world from them, there are many reasons as to why such a central area has been lost both to the maps of man and elf.   From hungry direkin that lurk the deep woods and their mountains and hills, to criminal groups and Drow cults marching through the underground tunnels. By the abyssal spawns and demonic clans clashing through bloodred lakes and putrid swamps as the devious nature seek to strangle them all in her grieving wrath. By the corpses of victims piled on it's ever darkening roads to the godforsaken vermin that still desperately cling to any weak hopes and dreams that slowly die out in whispers.   It's a landscape where the sun seems to never truely rise and the light is cast in a constant limbo of dawn and dusk, where the laws of nature are defied in the endless shadows that loom from the horizons.   Though even in it's often thunderstorm ravaged wilds, there can be beauty and a kindled flame of pride, hope and fury that burns as strong as ever.  


Though cold and dark. The province of Morkadinova is the most peacefull and safe region within Morkalithe.   Named after the Morkadian captial city, its lands still brim with life and civilization. From a massive city within the northwestern mountains, to the villages and towns that lie along the river Fhâx. Morkadinova still stands firmly uncorrupted and untouched by war due to it's stoic defenders that march through it's nightkissed, singing forests.  

Locust Plateau

A shadow coated grasslands where gray seems to be the most dominant colour. It's many hills and flats may have perfect soil for crops to grow, along with the river Fhâx crossing by to nourish the lands. Though it also draws the attention of all manners of creatures to roam the settled wildlands for easy prey.   With insects swarming the small lakes, and the beastkin setting up their wooden forts by the hills, it still has no shortage of food but the constant marks of warfare with House Locus has left it's marks in chared trees and grass, ruined villages and corpses rotting on the roadsides.  

Vyzlume Wetlands

A once putrid and near uninhabitable swamp, now carefully transformed into a sirens beauty and deciet. The Wetlands while settled by both Morkadians, Cult of the Widow and Beastkin still remains a fairly secluded area, with glowing moonlight lakes, curved trees and dirt roads that stretch from the old dwarven ruins in the mountains, to the bridges and checkpoints of the northern Morkadinova.   While the Wetlands may seem as a source of constant war, the faith of a certain holy being known as the Dame of Sacred Waters hold a gracefull touch on the swamp. Though praised by the Morkadians and peaceful Beastkin tribes, violent clashes still happen as they seek to protect the Dame against the perverted touch of the Widow.  

Fields of whispers

Often refered to as old Morkadia, the fields of whispers is nothing less than a ruin of a landscape. It's once beauty of tended trees, gardens, temples and city now lies on a cracked and ashen ground.   While a ghost town on lakes red as blood and a sky of putrid smoke, people still try to live in this southeastern wasteland.   Thus the war never ended, even though the spot is no longer effectively habitable the Morkadians and Drow clash each day and night over the sacret ruins. One side to protect and restore their once beloved capital, and the other side seeking to break through the walls and defences to claim the last crossroad which separates the Drow Houses.

Three guardias of Morkalithe

Chain of Zyffrak

Once a Dwarven kingdom in the first great war, Zyffrak was the first of their kin's outposts to fall before the Drow war machine. Nowadays it serves as an outpost and the mines for both Morkadia and the Beastkin tribes of the Vyzlume Wetlands.   It also holds a fair amount of dwarven technological secrets and still functioning forges and working stations which have been restored along their halls, which explains Morkadia's love to wierd technology and the dwarven diety.   Furthermore the range can be found in the absolute southwest, and covers all of the Wetlands.  

Azhâkalath Mountains

Named after the old king that formed Morkadia, this mountainrange spans and protects the entire north, all the way from Morkadinova to the Locust Plateau.   It's flat, narrow paths up the snowcoated tops has also aided the kingdom both expand upwards while surrounded on all fronts, and serve as one of the greatest airship hangars the hands of man ever crafted. From it's voidborne temples, to the castle of Mordûn. These peaks remain as firm and proud as the people it protects, even though a purple moon always loom from it's tops.  

Chalzaar Range

  Covering the southeastern Field of Whispers, the Chalzaar Range used to be a place of beauty and peace. Praised by the old Morkadians as some type of protective god of fertility and trade, it is now nothing more than a memory. A memory twisted and angered by the spawns of void that march through it's old passages.   Rockfalls and abyss brought attacks are fairly common from all sides of the Chalzaar range, and the reason as to why nobody wishes to go close to it anymore. Well, part from the Warrior-nuns of saint Katarina's flame.
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