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The Depths of Zyffrak

With old Zyffrak above, run by the Flame of Saint Katarina with the backup of House Castitas, and with the House of Widows waiting at the front entrance, with the House of Spiders enforcing their warmachine. The Depths of Zyffrak goes through new leaderships with every month or sometimes even weeks.   It's in it's depths of the ancient city where a constant battle take place.   The two factions fight constant clashes among the many windling halls, deep and dark caverns and crystaline chasms to remain in control of the vital resource of Essentia Crystals.   In the middle of it all remains the kobold tribes whom rub their ratlike palms together as they watch the carnage. With offerings to support miners, tools and supplies to whomever can control their underground villages and grant them protection, the conflict is only escalated due to the meddling of the tribes that, rather than trying to seek a unity to push the factions out, aim to use them against one another and for their own profits.   And in the very core of the center lies the Essentium arcana. A machine which draws on the energies from the ever growing mystical crystals, causing the terrible machines within the old dwarven halls to wake to life as they activate. Machinations of mass destruction which lies in wait for the greedy to claim.   In their paths lurk also the spawn of the abyss, ready to make the life even harder for the forces that reside and fight over the underground mining settlement. Their wicked goal in mind, to secure the core of the machine to unleash an armada of the technological monstrosities to once more wreak havoc on the world beyond with.
Large city
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