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Shadows of Chalzaar (Kal-sar)

I bid you welcome, mortals.   Take a step into my domain, and let me tell you a little tale.   Have you ever heard about the Shadows of Chalzaar? A tale of a mountain range, considered holy in the mortal society of Morkadia. Heh, strange isn't it. To worship a mountain. I asked myself the very same question. Why? It has no mind, no voice no... physical flesh, life and emotion.   It is little more than stone in grand formations, shaped by the incredible forces of nature. Perhaps, it is these very forces that cause them to worship it? Or maybe it's natural walls protecting the little kingdom against other sheepish mortals? Maybe it's the flowing waters which grant them the so called life? Or, what about a mix of them.   Simpletons, is what I call them. Always facing unecessary questions when the answer is right infront of them. Now, how is it the riddle goes? What is the meaning of life?   I'll do you a gentle favour and answer plainly to that. That answer was given the day you were born, a defiling, rotting murderer. Fertilizer. It is what all mortals become in the end, trapped in an ever ongoing limbo of torment and death. The real question you should ask yourselves is why? Why do you protect a world which causes so much harm.   I asked myself the very same question, as I gave my offer to queen Môrdun.   With my ink, and my sight I gave her the knowledge and choice. It is marvelous how fast mortals make up their minds with world changing questions. Your mountain so holy and you gave it up for what? Just a taste of the power I hold. You called it an unselfish sacrifice, for the better of your realm. Though did you ever stay to ask what your subjects really thought of your brilliant choice, or did you believe you had their best interests in mind, when you left them to tend your issues with your toolbox.   Does your concious feel well, knowing they sing your tales of sacrifice as something splendid and magnificque. An act of heroism that gave them a chanse to survive and fight back another day? Oh, no, no, no.   They just believe what they think they want to believe. Since when I set my pawns on my mountains and prepared the game, it did not take long before thouse that praise your name came running to fight back against the terms of the deal you made. Isn't that curious, how your selfrighteousness and belief that it is selfless or for the greater good drives such paradoxal and unlogical conclussions.   I do not judge you though. This emotion thing, it is a powerfull force. Oh it is powerfull enough to stop my armies right in their tracks, as I hear your shouts and song echo through my chambers. Beautiful, you call these voices? Curious how you are so swift to 'bask in the glory' of victory, when you've never even took pause to question whom you are fighting and for what reason.   Though I believe I can see the reason. It's the clock, isn't it? The knowledge that your time is limited while mine is not. It clouds your judgement and thought and bids you to rush ahead without a clue in the world for what really matters. Just the thought makes me question more, why are you even here listening to my pladdering? Why are you even sticking around a being which acts so, what is the wording you use... over the moon?   Oh, it makes me all fuzzy to think about. Questions, answers, answers that lead to only more questions. I will stop myself there.   Now, allow me to give you an offer. Keep fighting for your world, keep resisting my advances across your mountains and keep striving to the best you can become, and I shall reveal my secrets of the universe, one by one.   I shall await you in the Shadows of Chalzaar, so do not be afraid. In the end, you are all fated to become one with us, anyways.   -Tôus-nar, your magnificent dark god of erraticly absurd randomness.
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