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Eldritch Quill


And as she wept and wept for the state of her once beloved kingdom, her tears for what could have been bled inky streaks on the marble floor. A floor now twisted and turned through the hollow sorrow which formed mirrors of void within the cracked tiles.   Only once she fell into eternal slumber would the mirrors swirl like pools, as forth from the gates spewed the souls of the damned.   Defiant of their final rest, they would go on to once more serve their queen in death.  


The quill, seemingly incapable of writing anything reasonable is only one of the various artifacts 'gifted' to mortals by the abyssal gods. This peculiar one has the ability to write normal chants and runes into the secret ones of the unkown depths. Nobody is quite sure how it works, but the relic is highly sought after by various cults and factions that crave the powers of the void.   How it came to land in the hands of the Morkadian Mordûn family, nobody is quite sure except the family themselves. What is for sure though, is how their king used the quill to carve a deal which let all their dead souls return to the motherland, rather than the afterlives.  

The legend:

With a feather plum coloured like a weird glasslike nothingness, accompanied with the vat of a seemingly indestructable eye, the quill gets dipped into the tears of the eye before writing it's secret texts.   It's further believed that one has to write with an eyefold once they hold the quill, lest madness claim their minds should they accidently read the accursed words which they paint on the canvas of leather or skin, as it's ink burns through and melt the likes of papyrus.
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