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Flame of Saint Katarina


Load your organs. Strum your guitars. Ready your holy water. Unseathe your blades. Tonight sisters, we will see these mountains run black from the foul taint which seeps into our kingdom. The dark gods shall recieve our message as it pierce their blasted abyss, that they may know, the day their foul eyes gazed on the sacred flame of Queen Katarina was the day their sight was lost. Now raise your chants with me sisters, and sing our tune of war as we march by the shadow of a saint. For the arts, Morkadia and the flame of Saint Katarina, may our symphon of war ring out through the voids!  

Blessed by the saint

Before the order existed, there was only a temple of nuns that dedicated their lives to aid the queen Katarina II of Morkadia in her quest to give food to the hungry and hope to the needy. Together they reveled in a golden age of peace and love, untill the day the abyssal gods first made their presence known.   Though they gave a warning to the aged queen that war was on the horizon and only with their gifts could she easily pave way for victory. She did not need to think twice as she refused their powers.   Wise with her age, the saint would still heed the warning as she blessed the flame and offered them the mountains of Chalzaar-range to prepare fortifications and weapons of ancient technology to face the abyssal powers. Wether they would come in her life, or after,  

Order of technological marvels

Drum-cannons, divine bells and seven barreled shotguns. For a group of warrior-nuns, the order does not mess around with it's weaponry and can be considered some of the most deadly of all Morkadian technology.   With almost pure black powder, and fine lead, their guns clad in gold, silver and jewerly are a force to be reconed. Either by physical bullets or by the pure force of soundwaves blasted from organ piped weapons, their quality pieces still hold firm against some of the most terrible beasts which the abyssal gods send unto their lands.   As if it didn't stop there, the nuns also utilize massive skyships clad as flying monastaries with mounted mortars in the shape of organs which rain down hell on the lands bellow. Accompanied by this, they also have mechanized warsuits known as sanctifyers to stand their ground firmly.  

Bards of war

Should their hi-tech weapons ever fail them, the flame does not shy away from using bardic magic to strike against their foes. Be it chanting alone or in choirs, their resonating voices can shake the very earth underneath their feet.   It's this art of song which they draw their powers from, as it both bolsters their courage and faith, while causing the enemy to temble and shake.
Religious, Holy Order
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