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Cove of silver streams

Oh great, another adventurer in search of a tale has come to bore me. Though I guess I've got nothing better to do.   Have you heard of the Dame of Sacred Waters, or the Seventeen sacred daugher's of Valence? If not thats a tale for another day.   The one legend I'm currently chasing is that of the silver streams. A glistening pool of water said to refresh and revitalize even the most dried out bones. Though it's location is hidden among the many sparkling pools of the Vyzlume Wetlands, which makes it quite a bitch to find.   At least the scrolls mention the cove's glistening blue walls, coloured like cobalt and riddled with crystals and lapiz that point out from the sides and roof.   In the middle it is said that a great fountain of pure natural design pours forth the magical streams, that slowly seep out through the cove and into the pools. Doesn't it make quite some sense that there is a grain of truth to this myth? The area is after all filled with deadly, overenergic fish and lizards, oh and most do shine in scales of silver and blue.   Then again I suppose the tales might come from these animals and the peculiar moonlight glow that the streams carry with them. Would be a damn shame if this was all to it though.   I like to believe this cove is in fact the home of a peculiar little sea nymph, the Dame I mentioned before. Perhaps she somehow have an ability to enhance these waters. To comune with the wildlife around which see her as some form of life giving diety to some. I know, it is nothing more than a wild guess but it intrigues me so.   Oh, look at the time, I need to go. Just one piece of advice before I leave. If you tell anyone what I told you, I'll slit your throat.   -The Widow.
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